Free airtel

free calls  through airtel

free airtel
Making free airtel calls including ISD without affecting your main account balance.It can be made easy by a simple trick;but actually it is not a trick it is the account number provided by airtel for its employers,For making free airtel calls to india and abroad through their network.For free airtel do the following:
1.Dial the number 1802103
2.you will hear the following message "please dial the ten digit account number followed by # key"
3.enter the number 0006105262# the last 4 digit of a number changes so try any other 4 digit combinations and after a number of attempts your code will get accepted.
4.Enjoy free airtel std and isd.
5.The account number have a lifetime of 1 or 2 hours.So utilize it effectively.

Enjoy free airtel !!!

windows admin password

windows admin pasword
have u ever forget your windows admin password and are forced to do formatting your drive,then there is a simple hack to windows admin password hack using a software.Using this you can even get password of your system administrator and other users.

Steps in it
1.download this software(approx-700kb)
 Using Software
1.select attack type
2.click dump from memory
now you can see a list of user with their password
in certain cases this will not work so choose
1.Brute-Force Attack
i)now click start recovery

it may take about 15 minutes to find the password
enjoy Windows xp password hack

Bsnl missed call alert

To activate missed call alert on Bsnl,do the following
bsnl missed call alert
Go to>>Call Divert>>"if out of reach">>Activate>>To other number>>"+9117010"

airtel missed call alert

airtel missed call alert

airtel missed call alert
Hack for airtel missed call alert and getting free airtel missed call alert.

1.Go 2 settings
2.Call setting
3.Call divert
4.Choose "Out of reach"
5.Provide dis number+9198**001711
6.**your circle area code for eg:24,95
 code varies with location.

Free airtel