how to speed up pc

speed up pcare you thinking of "how to speed up pc " then use the following method to speed up pc
1.Run a full virus scan/install a new antivirus -the best is kaspersky (share ware) avira antivir(free ware)[update it before a virus scan]
2.Run an antispyware/install ca antispyware(shareware),spyware terminator(freeware)
3.run disk defragmenter
4.run disk cleanup
5.type msconfig in the run and select startup and then click 'disable all' and click ok then restart your pc.
6.Install firewall for further protection
a)zone alarm(shareware)
b)mcafee (shareware)

Install speed up pc performance improver
1.tune up utilities
2.system mechanic
3.registry cleaner

Note:Installing pc performance improver software alone can't solve your pc problem if it is because of security threats.

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