trick to change your ip address to new ip address

you can surf anonymously after changing the ip address so that the risk of getting hacked is less.Steps involved in changing the ip address.
1.Click run
2.Type "cmd" and press "enter"
3.type "ipconfig/release" and press "enter"
4.Type "exit" and press "enter"
5. click "Network connections" in your control panel
6.select local area connection and click properties
7.Double click "TCP/IP" under "general tab".
8.select "Use the following ip address"
9.Type any numbers until the area get filled.
10.Click "TAB" so that it will automatically fill the Subnet Mask
11.click ok
12.again click ok
13.Repeat steps 6 and 7
14.select "obtain ip address automatically"
15.click ok
16.Now YOu have a new ip address
17.Enjoy safe surfing with a new ip address


visit any proxy sites
some useful sites proxy sites that hide your ip address are


Elizabeth Victor said...

good one

Elizabeth Victor said...

Thanks, I was able to change the IP which I confirmed through Ip-details.com